Rome, the city of love and romance, was where Natalia’s dreams came true.
Her fiancé proposed, and she knew it was the start of something beautiful.
She envisioned herself in a simple, stylish gown for her big day.
But nothing came close to what she wanted, until she spotted a Katie May.
The dresses she had seen so far were too traditional, or princess-like for Nat’s taste.
She knew she wanted a unique dress, not a package deal of copy and paste.
Browsing endless local boutiques only added to her stress,
Sleepless nights of wondering if she should order her dream gown from the US.

Eventually, Nat took the risk after seeing her dream dress on Pinterest.
She ordered her dream dress online, and it was fabulous.
Skipping into the beach sunset, with the petals and green grass of Bali,
Natalia had no regrets, and lived happily ever after with her hubby.

She didn’t want other ladies to suffer the same way she did,
Thinking that a beautiful, quality gown has to cost ten thousand quid.
As she heard more women confess they felt the local bridal scene was too conservative,
So Frieda Brides was opened, as a unique bridal boutique with alternatives.