A Journey Through Bali with Kate Purk & Androids in Boots

Originally featured on The Wedding Scoop

In this adventurous shoot, Kate Purk and her beau Zach shot with Androids in Boots over seven stunning locations in Bali. There are too many beautiful places in Bali to choose from! 

First stop, Tegenungan waterfall! 

IMG (29).jpg
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Nyang Nyang beach in the southern Bukit peninsula is one of Bali's best kept 'secret' beaches, with 1.5 kilometre of of golden sand situated among limestone cliffs. The plus side of it not being such a touristy place is that there were plenty of chances to get a clear shot. 

Psst.. Even though Kate and Zach are just looking all beautiful and serenely in love here, most of the time they were actually were just trying to not get swept away from the strong waves! 

For this shot below, the AIB photographers had to control the drone while continually being hit by waves from the high tide. But well, from the look this unforgettable photo...  the team's efforts totally paid off!

IMG (22).jpg

These next shots at Villa Tirtha were just stunning! Tirtha Uluwatu is also one of the most popular wedding venues in Bali with a jaw-dropping cliff-side location. Katie wore the Katie May's Barcelona gown, which is just THE ultimate destination wedding dress.

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And we are just in LOVE with this tropical bouquet created by Flower Corner Bali. 

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IMG (73).jpg
IMG (76).jpg

On the road! 

IMG (65).jpg

Awesome interiors of Motel Mexicola, a Mexican-themed restaurant and bar. 

IMG (71).jpg

The duo ended back at the beach just on time to catch that legendary Bali sunset. How any more dreamy could these be?? Kate wore the romantic Marlene gown by Tatyana Merenyuk. 

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Big thanks to all the vendors of this shoot!

Photographer: Androids in Boots

Makeup: EK Makeup Studio

Bouquet: Flower Corner Bali

Suit: Benjamin Barker

Evening gowns: Stylelease

Wedding gowns: Katie May & Tatyana Merenyuk from Frieda Brides