Are your gowns available for purchase or rental? What are your prices?

Both options are available!

Brand New Purchase. Prefer to have a sparkling, brand new gown for your big day? In exception to some discontinued styles, all of our styles are available for brand-new purchase. We will take your measurements to determine your best-fitting size and order the gown to be made from the respective designer. Our in-house seamstress will help to alter the gown to best fit you after it arrives. General price range: 1690 - 3990.*

Off-the-rack Rental. Looking to snag a designer wedding gown at a fraction of the retail price? Or not wishing to keep your gown after? In exception to a few brands and styles, majority of our off-the-rack are available for rental. General price range: 980 - 1880*.

*these are prices for most gowns, few select styles might be priced above this range.

Do you provide any bridal package?

If you are having your wedding in Singapore and wish to be connected with some awesome makeup artists, photographers and florists… We also have & photography packages with partner vendors, including Samuel Goh Photography and Androids in Boots. Please enquire more about rental rates and the packages at

Do you offer made-to-measure or custom design services?

If you have a dream dress in mind and prefer to design and make it from scratch, one of our designers, Eelyn Tang of Love, Yu provides a bespoke design service starting from SGD$2800 upwards including alterations. Please contact us at to arrange your free, no-commitments consultation.

Do I need an appointment to visit the boutique?

Yes! This is because we want to be able to give you the personalised attention and service you deserve. If you choose to walk in and there is another ongoing appointment, we might not be able to serve you and will need to make a fitting appointment for another time. Each appointment lasts about one hour to give you ample time. And while you’re busy trying to find the one,  your loved ones can relax with drinks and hang out in our comfy space. To make the appointment, please complete our booking form here


Anything I should prepare for the appointment?

Before coming

  • Browse through our website and note down the dresses or designers that you are most interested to try on.

On the day itself:

  • Come on time, to enjoy the full experience. 

  • Wear a strapless/stick-on nude bra, to make it easier for trying on the dresses.

  • Avoid wearing heavy makeup/ foundation, as these could smear on the dresses.

Can I bring my friends/family to the appointment?

We believe that these happy moments are best shared, so your loved ones are welcomed to the appointment! However, we ask if you can keep it to maximum four other guests or less. As from our past experiences, when the party is too large it becomes a bit overwhelming for the consultant to manage the appointment; we'd like to be able to focus on serving you as the bride rather than managing the crowd! At times it could also be confusing for the bride when there are too many people and opinions in the room. From our observation with past brides, it's usually best to bring 1-2 people who knows you and understand your taste well. 

How far in advance should I come in?

We recommend coming at least eight months prior to your wedding date, which would allow enough time for all options including purchase, rental or a bespoke custom gown, as well as the alterations and shipping/dry cleaning.

For rental, we would need at least one month for alterations and dry cleaning before your wedding. However, availability of the gowns are on first-come-first-serve basis. Popular gowns tend to get booked up in advance so come ahead! About four to twelve months in advance is recommended.

For brand-new purchase, different labels/designers will have different production times. Please refer to the guide below, and understand that these times are subject to change at the designers’ discretion or unexpected circumstances. Also factor in another a month for shipping and alterations.

  • Catherine Deane & Karen Willis Holmes: 1-5 months

  • Anna Campbell, Katie May, Sally Eagle, Karen Willis Holmes, Made with Love: 3 - 4 months

  • Tatyana Merenyuk: 5 - 6 months


What if my wedding is in just  a couple of months??

Don't panic yet! We can still help you.  Some of the designers keep their gowns in stock and are able ship them out immediately. Others charge a rush fee for producing the gowns in a quicker timeframe. There's also the option of purchasing or renting the gowns off-the-rack. Do come in first for an appointment and we will let you know your options. 


Do you provide alterations? How long does it take?

As our gowns are mostly made in standard sizing, you will most likely need some alterations to ensure that they fit you perfectly, such as hemming the dress to your height and/or tightening certain parts to fit you better. We engage a highly experienced bridal seamstress for our alterations service.

For brand-new purchase, the alterations are usually charged separately and range from $80 for the simple alterations upwards to $300 depending on the complexity. For purchase of gowns $4000 and above, alterations are complimentary. 

For rental, the alterations and dry cleaning are already inclusive in the rental prices.

The alterations process usually require 2-3 fittings held over a month. We would usually ask you to start about 1.5 months before your wedding date.


I found the same gown available for purchase online. Would that be cheaper than purchasing from your boutique?

We have price-matched our boutique prices to the retailers' online prices. Please be aware that prices displayed online do not usually include shipping charges and the 7% GST at Singapore customs, as well as credit card fees and conversion rates (which usually turn out much poorer than Google conversion rates), but you will be charged these at a later point. Once those charges have been added into the final price, our boutique’s net prices; which are already inclusive of these charges; usually turn out to be lower or about the same. If you do see our dresses online or anywhere else at a lower price, please let us know. We have a best price guarantee for all our gowns, and we will try to match them for you.

Brick-and-mortar bridal boutiques like us aim to provide a positive experience for brides shopping for their wedding dress; by providing a place to try on the dresses and for the process to be an enjoyable, memorable experience. However, bridal boutiques worldwide increasingly find it more difficult to survive due to brides 'shopping offline and buying online'. By purchasing from us, you are supporting our continuation for future brides to still be able to have this experience.  You will also have a greater peace of mind seeing your dream dress first-hand, receiving the right guidance through the process, including ordering the right size, and having our guarantee through the alterations process as well. 

What sizes are your sample gowns?

Majority of our sample gowns vary from size UK 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14. Majority of gowns will be in sizes UK 8 - 10. Note that many gowns can stretch up to one to two sizes larger when tried on. As with our mission to serve gals of all shapes and sizes, we are working on a plus-size collection too. Do look out for it!